Conditions – Wind ESE SE 16-22 mph dry.

Number of Casters - 27


A big thank you to everyone who attended the penultimate tournament of 2015.

We had a really great turnout, our biggest so far, with several of you again making a not so short journey to be with us on the day.

There was the usual good banter, high jinks and a great days casting, even if we did have to move the court twice due to the constantly variable wind.

Jason Carter set a new court record on the 125g of 264.00 meters.

1St was Jason Carter with 268.02 on the150g.

2nd was Kev Southey with 249.59 on the 150g.

3rd was Duane Lockwood with 249.43 on the 150g









J. Carter   264.00 268.02    
K. Southey     249.59    
D. Lockwood     249.43    
I. Render   244.33      
D. Brooks   239.19      
J. Bean     233.00    
K. Tester 217.00        
S. Buttery   216.90 209.64    
R. Ward     216.03    
P. Allsop   214.75      
K. Bebbington     201.86    
S. Grimes   201.70      
D. Ward   199.27      
L. Baldock   197.73 191.76    
T. Weaver   192.50      
D. Brown   187.26      
C. Arnold     181.50    
J. Cooper     178.05 159.17  
M. Collinwood   172.24      
P. Hurren     171.07    
C. Needham     169.14    
R. Parker     168.90    
P. Gaywood   166.05      

Distances in Meters.

PB = Bold, Court Record = Bold

4 casters did not measure