Conditions – Wind W 7-10 mph Sunny periods.

Number of Casters - 21


A big thank you to everyone who attended the second tournament of 2015, especially the Skegness Pier Anging Club and those who travel a fair distance to come and joins for the day. 

We all had a great days casting, plenty of banter and the pleasure of watching Jason Carter blow away four of the court records.  


1St was Jason Carter with a court record of 271.10 on the 150g

2nd was Rick Nash with 236.80 on the 125g

3rd was C. Dale with 224.52 on the 125g.


Jason Carter broke four new court records, 255.50 on the 125g, 271.10 (just 3.22 metres short of the 300 yard mark) on the 150g, 257.80 on the 175g and 258.60 on the 200g. 

We had 9 PBs on the day Andy Bray had three 217.71 on the 150g, 217.15 on the 175g and 201.09 on the 200g,  Ricky Nash had a PB on the 125g of 236.80, Rob Ward with a PB of 221.12 on the 150g, Kev Bebbington 198.45 on the 125g and Chris Arnold had two 150.00 on the 150g and 154.75 on the 175g.


The Skegness Pier angling club joined us to hold a mini tournament among their members 

Mark Holmes took first place with 193.70

Chas Tibble took second place with 173.72

Russ Taylor took third with 155.79


Caster 100g 125g 150g 175g 200g
J. Carter   255.40 271.10 257.80 258.50
R. Nash 228.22 236.80 221.30 213.81  
C. Dale   224.52 222.60    
S. Buttery (B)   223.00 211.70    
R. Ward     221.12    
P. Allsop   219.40      
I. Bellis   218.39 205.55    
A. Bray     217.72 217.15 201.09
K. Bebbington   198.45      
M. Holmes (B)     193.70 184.20  
L. Baldock   193.08 185.85    
D. Brown     181.84    
P. Hurren (B)     176.04    
C. Tibble     173.72    
R. Taylor   155.79      
C. Arnold (B)     150.00 154.75  

Distances in Meters.

PB = Bold, Court Record = Bold

5 casters did not measure