We cast on a field at the National Construction College, Bircham Newton which is between King's Lynn and Fakenham (follow the signs on the A148 for the National Construction College).  We cast from 1 PM on Saturday afternoons starting from the beginning of April through to the end of September and on Tuesday nights from 6 PM until dusk (when the evenings are long enough). The only exception is when we has a tournament on the Sunday in which case we don't cast on the Saturday.

It is the safest place and most eco friendly way to come and learn to use a multiplier.  When you first start to use a multiplier you will keep crack off during the cast, nest the reel when you have thumb slip or due to the reel not being setup correctly. Lets face it on the beach while your fishing, you are going to loose gear as you learn to cast which is expensive for you and bad for the environment.

It is the place to come if you want advise on buying a new rod, on how to setup and tune you reels and we have people who know how to fix them too.  Avoid that expensive mistake of buying a rod you cannot bend and get the extra distance that your looking for!

This is a sport too and 10 times a year we hold tournaments to compete against each other, in a friendly and fun atmosphere.


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